Consulting & Advisory Services



Advisors at a senior level, including board members can provide a level of assistance standard consultants cannot provide. So, after you’ve read the articles and listened to the gurus, realized you’re Competing for the Future and Reengineering the Corporation, moving on Fast Cycle Time while riding The Third Wave,  and that all you got was Information Anxiety, and Future Shock.  Then it’s time to work with a peer-level advisor / director.

Advisory services include Special Advisor to C-level executives, board position, or Interim Executive Services

Consulting Services are focused on Strategy Development and Opportunity Analysis (organic or acquisition)

Why would these companies pick M. A. Scharf Consulting? They find that they prosper long-term by working with C-level peers that have the “been there” type of experience .

Our guiding values in this endeavor are integrity and fairness, combined with a passion for success.